Thursday, September 24, 2009


There's a vulture perching right off screen, and it's bitter and whispers chaotic things, and it reached in quick ain't it worrying. It's so easy to see, everyone can agree, stop listening.

You're a marionette in the center of all the twisting strings coming from above, It may seem too deep to recover from, It's so easy to see, everyone can agree, just let it go.

When the voices start spinning just be aware, I have brought enough stones for us to share, that one's grinning that one's burning, aim for the throat, Let him choke on the stones that we are to throw.

It's the great downfall, not the overthrow, if you shoot them down, It'll make you soar.

When reactions turn into hurricanes, and the middle course seems a little tame, whether full or empty it's all the same, It's so easy to see, everyone can agree, you're not to blame.

I know you've heard it before, but then it wasn't enough, you don't wanna be held back from the substitution, I know you've seen this before, but now enough is too much, you don't wanna be set back when the substitution comes, I'm sorry.

Hasta ahora mi cancion favorita del Swoon.

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